Saturday, June 16, 2007

Volkswagen JB insignia.....

Hi guys, appreciate if you could help me to decide which insignia to be use for our JB's club...The choosen one will also be printed as T-Shirt and will be on sale soon....
No 1
No. 2
No. 3
No. 4
Which one you like??


bertique said...

no 1 kawin no 3

mohdismail said...

no.1 bro.. simple!
he he

agus said...

Mula mula, payah jugak nak pilih. That could either mean all four is equally good or equally bad. But I prefer to be positive. Hehe... cool bro, just yanking your chains there.

Semua ada character. semua banyak kaler. Seems like, janji ada vw logo, semua best! So I started to think hard and put my two cents to each of the option.

No. 1: The old building structure sketch is nice, but the beetle picture doesn't match, i.e. I prefer a sketch as well. And the wording color scheme doesn't flow, if you get my meaning. And the vw logo is rather small.

No. 2: The beetle is sketched nicely. Maybe that belongs to the first insignia. The wordings' color scheme is better here. And the map adds to the color. Love the vw logo.

No. 3: The graphics are well placed/arranged, they look great together, good use of layers and overlaps. The vw logo is fairly sized and the beetle sketch is brilliant. The wording color scheme's got class, or maybe it's because blue is my fav color. "Proud To Be" confession could still be on the t-shirt but placed on the rear, together with a VW logo. In other words, the front could do without it. Last but not least, the green and yellow ribbon circle and the vw logo makes it look like it's a merchandise for a football world cup or something, giving a sense of energy, passion and pride. I like.

No. 4: The beetle sketch could be better. The map and wording color scheme screams for attention, a manifest of pride and sense of belonging.

So there, my carefully arranged thoughts, brainstormed for every design. Forgive my volume and particularity if they were offensive. It's just me.

And my final vote is for Number 3! With minor adjustments of course.

Can't wait to see them on the runway.

bertique said...

so ramlee, there you go ..

tell you logo 1 kawin dgn logo 3, sure cun!

agus say yes.

and yes, you owe us sepasang baju seorang ..

bert - xxxl
agus - l (kalau ada baby t lagi best utk agus haha)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

no 1 :)