Friday, June 30, 2006

Khasiat Buah Epal

Buah epal banyak mengandungi magnesium, zat besi dan silikon, potasium, fosfor, sodium, kalsium dan belerang. Epal juga mengandungi vitamin A, B dan C. Zat asam pada epal merupakan zat pembersih tubuh yang sangat baik serta dapat menyembuhkan keradangan pada tubuh.
Ada apalah agaknyer dengan Betik.. or Bertique...
Penulis akan bercuti menulis sehingga Isnin,3hb Julai kerana "outstation"

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

If I can't beat them.... Join them

Menanti pertembungan terbuka di luar jangkaan
I completed my first task to insert the photo without anyone help.... Bertique tipu!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Third entry (at last..) on my own

Hi Guys!

Assalamualaikum wbkt and very good day to everyone of you... pewhhh at last, i've been waiting for 3 months and 8 weeks ( It has been 38 years since England last beat Sweden in any competition ) for my bro, Bertique to help me with my brags oppssstt.... blog and here I go!

Thanks Bertique, call as many fren u have and drop me a hi or comments or whatsoever to support my blog and help me to release my mind thru this...

till see you guys and i'll continue bloging!

(Ramlee Samsam is an England fan , hoping that they will win the World Cup this year)

second move

ok, i forgot the password to my blog .. so what?

but i'll start posting here .. soon.

i think.

otherwise, i'll contribute to the number of non-active blog.

which is good also.

depending on how you look at it.