Wednesday, March 14, 2007

After 76 days of silence...

To much to tell.. to much to blog... in bullet points :-

Dec 06
  • Busy with the post-flood events.. mengemas rumah
Jan 07
  • Danny masuk sekolah - Tadika Happyland
  • Busy with Oracle - ERP (gosh............)
  • Second waves strike back, even with the higher water level this time.. Alhamdulillah.."
  • tidak didatangkan dugaan kepada kita jika kita tidak benar2 kuat dan bersedia.."

Feb 07

  • Mars first stint with TV3, Anugerah Juara Lagu 21 continue with her Pesona Pengantin Nona 2006 and ASTRO- Macam macam Aznil
Mar 07
  • attended 7 days of Train-the-Trainer for PTP Charting New Horizon Team Building (penat ok..)