Tuesday, April 24, 2007

From Gelang Patah to Lumut

Where I went missing?
I was here in lumut since 15th April 2007 and will be here until the end of the month. Things are moving quite slow over here, driver in the new V6 perdana drove his wheeler at 35km/h, all by themselves enjoying the scenery and the wind.
I am here for a mission to get our things back to Gelang patah as reliable, efficient and advanced. For someone knowledge, to bring back 5 nos. of Quay Side Crane (read: Quay Crane) and 20 nos. of Rubber Tyre Gantry (read:RTG). I'll post in the photo soon.
After a week here,
Not so bad.. makan quite okay, so so.. maybe because im wearing PTP uniform and this is the best time for the food operator to charge the bills sky high. Seafood was good.. Fresh from sea.. and tomyam food are loads..
Im staying in the Orient Star Hotel (read:Orient NO Star) with a big rooms, swimming pool, lounge, everything are big but sunyi sepi....
About works,
So.. so just managed to study the whole programme and i just got the new target dates for the crane.. life will be busy in the next 10 months down the lines..
Headlines in the paper,
Transport Ministry will study proposal to ban old cars from roads i.e. to scrap thecars more than 15 years old...
(Please help me to save my beetle...)